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Who is this guy? 

Oh, hey there!  You want to know who I am? Wow, I feel special now, thanks!  I'm just a regular guy with ordinary problems born on the Eastcoast and raised in the Midwest.  I figured I would try my hand at helping people at a young age so, shortly after my 20th birthday, I started working in Juvenile Corrections. As you may or may not know, Corrections Officer Careers are among the most stressful career choices a person can make.  


After over 23 years of working as a floor staff, to being promoted to Case Management and ultimately being promoted further to upper management. I have lots of experience with people!  I obtained a 2-year tech school degree in 3d Industrial Modeling long after my career in corrections started (which I did use my degree to help build this site!).  My passion has remained with helping others and over the years I have gained an abondance of knowledge through trainings, daily interactions with youth and families, individual professionals and non-professionals, that all share the same passion for helping youth make better choices in their own lives. 


However, this work has not come without a cost.  Did you know that helping people takes a lot of your own resources internally?  If your someone who is a "helper" like I am, then you most likely didn't know this because your too busy helping others to notice yourself!  It wasn't until later in life when I realized that I needed to fill my own cup again before continuing to help others.  I personally have battled and overcame  alcoholism, anxiety, depression, a broken marriage and various other life tragic events. If I can do it, you can do it! 


What's the mission?

What is this guy up to? Well, I thought you would never ask! I want to tell stories that are engaging, inspiring, gross, sound unbelievable, are sad, funny, extraordinary, and intriguing.  These stories will all be true and factual. No real names will ever be used to protect privacy.  The stories that will be told are from work experiences and my own personal navigation through life working in a high-stress career. At the end of each story, I am hoping readers will takeaway something valuable and gain some type of personal insight. 

Why Tell Stories?

That's simple.  We all tell stories to laugh, cry, remember, dream, and gain real-life knowledge and experience. I want to make readers feel all of the above through my stories and to also help others navigate their own personal experiences! I hope to show the real side of working with humans. All of the real emotions, feelings, and behaviors that we face as humans on a daily basis. Of course, I hope to entertain you, but moreover, I hope you can take some valuable insight and apply it to your life in some way.

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